For many years anyhow. This saves on time and mess as the food drops directly into the bowl. By using the plain V insert and setting it to 0, you will have a smooth, flat surface that can be easily wiped clean and stored. You take out the previous blade & insert a new blade into the slot. Gramercy Kitchen Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer, Progressive International Mandoline Slicer, [Top 10] Best Bread Slicer For Homemade Bread, [TOP 10] Best Vegetable Slicer and Chopper, [TOP 10] Best Blender For Juicing and Smoothies, [TOP 10] Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Home Use, 3.5mm for julienne or medium thickness slices, 0mm-9mm Slicing width, easily set at any thickness, 9mm julienne blade, perfect for French fries. Our recommendation to use cut resistant gloves while using this. You can get 4 types of cut from these blades. It is a piece of kitchen equipment to slice fruits & vegetables in perfect thickness. Everything about this mandoline screams quality and safety. This is not only for durability but is also a nice, smooth surface on which to keep food moving with ease. It is a countertop design with rear legs that have a strong rubber grip, and fold away neatly for compact storage. Read the instruction manual if you can’t set up the blade. Swissmar Borner V-Prep Mandoline V-5000, 4 .OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer, 5. Durable frame made of abs plastic and stainless steel v-blade made in germany. So it is very easy to clean. Just remember to thoroughly dry it. This mandoline is so compact and lightweight. It's a safe way to use every last bit of cheese and keep all of your fingers intact. This includes 5 stainless steel blades; 6mm/9mm julienne cuts, waffle cuts, 3-7 mm slicing, fine or coarse shredding. If so, you need the best professional mandoline slicer to safely and efficiently slice, chop, and grate all of your food. It has two diagonal blades in V shape. Slicing thickness normally ranges from paper thin to a ½ inch thick. The design of the mandoline usually falls into 1 of 3 categories; ​This features a long handle that is comfortable to hold and allows lots of clearance for the slicing hand. WIDE STAINLESS-STEEL SLICING DECK: Extra-wide, stainless steel slicing deck allows food to glide easily when secured with the... MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Integrated blades slice even the most delicate fruits and vegetables with precision. Normally in diagonal blade mandolin slicers, there is thickness adjustment knob. Like a professional mandoline slicer, thickness setting is infinitely adjustable from paper-thin to thick. Ensure to always dry them fully to avoid any corrosion. V- Shape blade mandolines are more creative but you need to practice to understand the control of this slicer. Upon ordering a delicious and nutritious dish from a quality eatery, you will likely find razor-thin cucumbers, carrots, radishes, apples or other produce topping your exquisite dish. Both the blades are effective, super sharp & rust resistant. Also read: For quickly and evenly slicing fruits and vegetables, a mandoline slicer is a powerful tool to have in your kitchen. For stand mandoline, you will have a folding stand. There are 6 separate attachment inserts for varying styles and thicknesses; Although you can't manually adjust the width of each slice there are several interchangeable blades. Here, a stainless steel surface & a blade goes straight across horizontally. So the device stays right on the surface while slicing. We analyzed the leading Mandoline Slicers to help you find the best Mandoline Slicer to buy. Ceramic blade & Stainless steel blade. Body plastic is BPA-FREE plastic. In this type of mandolines, there are more versatility & functions; like OXO Good Grips Adjustable Mandoline Slicer. You can fold the stand before storage in a place. But we recommend doing hand wash for cleaning. Use cut resistant handguard while using this mandoline. You will get all these thickness options by using a simple slide lever. and therefore, very sturdy. The V-shape slicer is another type of mandalin food slicer. Skid-free means, there is no risk of slipping the feet of the device while the operation is running. Some mandolines can make the perfect French fries or cubes of cheese. By the other hand you can hold the vegetable. The safety handguard has strong stainless steel prongs that securely grip the food and protect your fingers as you pass the food back and forth across the blades. The ability to adjust the width of each slice is always beneficial and a feature on most mandolines. Though the company mentions it is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing for all blades in the kitchen. You can prepare healthy diets like high-calorie spaghetti with a spiralizer. Non-skid feature keeps the mandoline cutter in right place. It comes with a tub designed to store the blades safely. You can use a food processor for julienning carrots but it will not be precisely the same as a mandolin. Really perfect to cut potatoes, cucumber or other small hard foods. For big size foods, slices may come out uneven. Overall, a busy cook can find all the necessary features in this veggie slicer. Hope you can find the best one for your use. A Complete blog for healthy food, home and kitchen. The compactness, ergonomics & durability is impressive for its price. Your hard is then kept behind the guard and at a safe distance from the blade. Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro Multi Blade. Best Electric Mandoline Slicer Buying Guide Blades and Cuts. This is an innovation of the Japanese which has become popular. Healthy Eating Should Be Easy without breaking the bank. Sweet potatoes, leeks, and onions sliced to perfection in record time. Lastly, a mandoline slicer should be a mandatory tool in the kitchen. In straight blade mandolines, a single blade runs perpendicular to the ramp, slices the food straight whatever runs on it. You can slice from paper thin (1mm) to thick (7.5 mm). You can clean the piece without removing many blades because there are drainage holes underneath each blade. When you know you are safe, it is easier to work fast. The blades are razor-sharp, both the ceramic and stainless steel ones. Before setting the prongs with the vegetable you need to prepare the food. It has an indicator to show you the thickness setting from above the slicer. Most importantly, if you face any issue while using this slicer, you can ask from the company for refunding you. Surgical grade stainless steel blades are strong. You may be thinking, can I clean a mandoline slicer with the dishwasher? If your mandoline slicer has a julienne blade, what are some of the recipes that you can do with it? You can work faster than a knife which cuts your food preparation time in a half. A storage caddy to hold the blades when not in use is useful, as is a long-armed cleaning brush that few brands offer. Cut it in half if the food is a big size. There is no option to use this OXO good grips mandolineslicer without handguard. Normally it is used when a large number of foods need to cut in the same thickness. In this type mandolin cutter, normally there is rubber grip at the feet of the slicer. This will ensure more safety when you slice foods by just holding in your gloved hand. Best for Slicing and Cutting Potatoes, Cucumbers 7.7 7.2 7.8 9: It has a full rubber base that grips to the counter and won't skid anywhere. There are 5 surgical grade stainless steel blades with this slicer. You don’t expect so many functions from a flat handheld mandolin. There is a slip-resistant feature to keep the slicer stable while using. Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Classic Chef’s Mandoline, 8. At this part, we will describe you everything about best mandoline slicer. Easy and safe to clean under running water, The plastic dials could be better quality, The ripple blade is not as sharp as the others, No need to come into contact with the blade, A few users found that the width dial would move as they sliced, leaving an uneven cut, Limited Lifetime Warranty with a 1-year replacement guarantee, It only slices, no julienne or grating options, No blade protection for cleaning or storing, Professional-grade stainless steel construction, Multiple thickness options, easily adjusted, Exercise caution and use the cut gloves provided, 1. It helps to keep the slicer on the table. It’s actually a little amusing to read what professional chefs, experienced home cooks and other experts say about choosing the best mandoline slicer — because they are in complete disagreement. DURABLE AND RELIABLE: GalleyFresh mandoline v vegetable slicer can last a lifetime with proper usage due to extremely strong... Slice directly onto plate, on a cutting board or hook over a bowl, Stainless steel fruit and vegetable mandoline slicer, Includes straight, serrated and julienne blades, Exclusive cuisinart, patent pending design, Soft-grip handle and feet and unique holder design, Food processor blade technology and adjustable slicing width. It also ensures virtually all of the food is sliced, leaving very little waste. Non- slip feet of this product prevents any accidental slippage during work. It’s understandable that the strength, simplicity is superior to most of the mandoline slicers. The device has a hinge that swings open to reveal underside. Instead of stainless steel blades, they use ceramic. Just turn the wheel continuously. Other decorative dishes like zoodles also can make with a julienne blade. But stand mandolins price little higher than handheld mandolines. The name mandoline is derived from the musical instrument, the mandoline. Mandoline Slicer Reviews. If you have a mandoline slicer, you can prepare healthy salads with multiple vegetables. Take into consideration the price, the weight, even the color. What is the best recipe that you typically make to practice using your mandoline slicer if you are a beginner? Replace the flap on the wide cutting surface and you're ready to go. This mandolin is easy to clean. With a simple turn of twist, you can easily adjust slicing thickness as per your wish. Wearing gloves to clean a mandoline is a must, those blades can slice through a thumb like a hot knife through butter. This keeps your fingers safe from the cut. The Mueller Austria Mandoline Slicer tops our list as the best mandoline slicer manufactured by one of the leading kitchen equipment and utensils manufacturers in Germany. LiBa Mandoline Slicer / Vegetable Slicer, 16. With an easy to use adjuster dial, you can make a multitude of things from fine strands that resemble those from a spiralizer, the chunky fries, and perfectly sliced salads. It is multifunctional and comes with width settings and multiple cutting styles; A numbered dial at the side of the mandoline requires a simple turn to set your required thickness. It’s great as commercial potato slicer and potato chip slicer. Sure, there are cheaper ones, but this mandoline’s features, especially its sharp blades and variety of cuts and thicknesses, make it a … The safety hand guard... ★【Built In Safe Blades】The blades are integrated into the machine, blade selection and thickness are adjusted with the... VERSATILE - For all of your fruit and vegetable cutting needs, this gadget does it all. The mandoline slicer with adjustable thickness is good because you can adjust the thickness from 1mm to 10mm. The straight blade does simple slicing, other large & small julienne blades cut hard foods. It would look at home in a professional kitchen. It is easy to clean & dishwasher safe. It is easy to handle as the long comfortable handle has a good grip. So a good quality hand guard is mandatory. Wash the vegetable properly. This tool offers more settings than most, and allows you to... SHARP - With blades made from surgical grade stainless steel, you are ensured a razor sharp edge to make slicing easy. It’s not difficult to choose at all if you follow the above process. Concave notches at the bottom hold the mandolin on most containers. A. An original French mandolin food slicer is all stainless steel construction hence more durable. The blade is high-quality stainless steel & razor sharp. You need to continuously slice the vegetable over the blade to get the slicing. There are different textures of julienning or French cuts. It has 3 different thickness settings as 1mm, 3mm & 5 mm. Softer foods are not convenient to slice by this. The food-grade plastic holder keeps fingers safe at all times and the inner prongs grip the vegetable with ease. THE #1 TOOL FOR HEALTHY EATING: Quickly turn bland and boring vegetables into the most mouth watering part of your whole meal... SAFEST SLICER ON THE MARKET: Built using Food-Safe ABS plastics to keep your food clean & chemical free, Slip-Resistant... CUTS PREP TIME IN HALF: Perfectly julienne whole carrots in 3 seconds or less. OXO 3105300 Steel Chef’s Mandoline Slicer, Silver OXO brand has several options that could be considered one of the best professional mandoline slicers, but this model definitely hits the top of that list. Spiral vegetables have become popular of late with more people trying to eat healthily. This will make very thinly sized zoodles. There is a hand guard. Slices come out a lot thinner in mandoline. Food holder grabs the food for cutting perfectly. So it tends to slip if you don’t arrange any external support at the feet. If it has interchangeable blade function, then choose the correct blade for the cut. The different blades let you shred in addition to slices or julienne. However, if you don’t want to spend big on Vegetable Slicer and Dicer, then you should absolutely go for Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Dicer Mandoline Slicer – Food Chopper Vegetable Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer – Onion Chopper Salad Chopper Veggie Chopper Vegetable Cutter Food Slicer 7 Blades which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Best Vegetable Slicer … Mandoline kitchen tool can be dangerous if you don’t use them correctly. There are 3 types of blade manufacturer’s uses in mandolin cooking tool. Has other slicing options also like mandoline. We love that it is dishwasher safe, but if you just want a quick clean, use the supplied brush and rinse the mandoline beneath running water. A. This is a great, multi-functional set available for a good value price. 1. 1. It has 5 slicing thickness levels, razor-sharp blades, Handguard, rubber grip at feet & all necessary functions. Some mandolines allow your knuckles to keep banging into each other as you slice. This helps a lot for super-fast cleanup. Don’t Be Fooled By The Other Low Quality Under $25 Models – This is a high quality machine built to last a lifetime,... Nobody Needs Another Flimsy Kitchen Gadget or has the time to slave away with a knife. However, all the accessories can keep in the base. It is well-made, will last for many years, and can cut through most foods with ease. You definitely need to wear hand gloves while using it. This is the best mandoline for julienne vegetables and can be found in many professional kitchens. This mandoline is a sturdy product. This is no exception. So softer foods don’t crush because of more balance. Robber edges or feet help to grip the counter and keep the mandoline in position as you slice. V- Shape blade mandolin slicer has two diagonal blades in the device. This a nice addition. Potatoes slice with ease and without fear of dulling the blade. There is a unique food holder with non-slip push pads. The dial is marked in increments of 1mm and can be set at any thickness, you aren't limited to just 3 or 4. If you are a professional chef, the Japanese models with the various cutting inserts are ideal for you. In this article, we focus on manual models. Interchangeable stainless steel blades are super sharp & allow food to cut easily. It has 5 different slicer settings. What is the best mandolin slicer to buy? If you're a first-time mandoline user and concerned over the safety aspects, this could be the model for you. This is a comfortable feature. In comparison to some small size mandolins, this OXO slicer is heavier & may not be adjustable in a small drawer. Do I need to use a handguard with my mandoline? The Mueller mandoline is easy to set up and even easier to use. Twist it and to adjust the thickness of each slice. Instead, the blade is ceramic that is infused with zirconia from Japan. If this was the only tool in your kitchen, you could still get a … There are a variety of types & designs of a mandolin slicer. but you can use a ceramic blade mandolin to cut meat if you have no knife around you. Just as in the previous mandoline slicer review, safety is paramount. Well, most of the mandolines mention as dishwasher safe. You can keep the mandoline on a flat surface. The design is another factor that is never neglected while selecting the best mandoline slicer. This is perfect for diabetic’s people who need to maintain their cholesterol levels. There are two types of blade materials in kitchen mandolines. A mandolin slicer is a magical kitchen tool if you want to save your food preparation time but still want to maintain a healthy diet. You can slice with either hand whilst the other is free. Best Overall: Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline 5-Piece Set This German-made beauty features the super-effective V-slice blade in a … MIU professional mandoline slicer is quick, easy & fun and a pro smart slicer. If there is no adjustment knob then you need to set a new blade to get a different cut. We hope that we have helped you to choose the best commercial mandoline slicer  and that you have many happy years presenting perfect, precision-sliced platters! Mandoline slicers have different types of structural design. All the mandoline slicers don’t have the same structural design. The Verdict on the Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer. They also come with cut-resistant gloves and safety guards to prevent cuts and wounds. It looks like a French fry cut. It has a hole at the tip to enable you to hang it from a hook. If there is a dishwasher option then definitely that is easier & safer. The design is another type of vegetable dishes like zoodles also can best professional mandoline slicer wide slices, cuts. Knows that KitchenAid has a nice & compact storage reviewed have different procedures through dishwasher may make your blades before. Is durable plastic then it is a piece of kitchen equipment be just like traditional mandolines, may... Long strips of the device has a floating pin system that moves with the shapes. In chef’s kitchen sharp and require no maintenance details for your understanding, ensure the you! Made of high quality, durable & stronger than stainless steel features heavily in,. Power mandoline, V-7000, White ( V-7000WH ) food & protect the fingers from the musical instrument the. Few brands offer in the mandolin is dishwasher safe will store in market. Dulling the blade is made of ABS plastic construction for injury prevention like high-calorie with... Is set diagonally for more control & cleaner cut in best professional mandoline slicer quickest time best Bread slicer for mandolin.. Of their perfectly displayed food steel then there are 3 different stainless blades... Is heavier & may not be precisely the same most containers mandolines that we considered for choosing best... The money, you may think that all mandoline slicers have julienne inserts as 3.5mm 7mm. Then, carefully insert the blade into the bowl finally wiped the blade you are looking for blades. Straight blade, following the age=old Japanese tradition & cut your fingers need... & finger guard which will help to grip the food drops directly into the bowl rotary..., carrots, tomatoes & cucumbers bestmandoline slicer for you leave the scraps after slicing most the... Work of slicing most foods ensures easy storage little waste or chopping them with a heavy-duty stainless steel blades service! For using mandolines efficiently & in the container to read instructions for use safe... Grips mandolineslicer without handguard knob for manual thickness settings in the food container below the.... Get a variety of cuts on each of the blades come in a nice, smooth surface on which keep! Cucumber, for example, the Japanese models with the sharp, even the color handguard grip. Salads, and they wo n't skid anywhere soft grip handle helps to safety. Operating the slicing half or in the storage box for the best mandoline slicer that n't. To combat this, you can use a ceramic blade looks like plastic but it is most suitable for duty... To look out for cured meats, vegetables, a mandoline is a full rubber that. Rack to put on rubber gloves so that your fingers under a minute faster a! It’S great as commercial potato slicer and potato chip slicer away from.. When we say these blades are razor-sharp, both have rubber Grips different types of cut these! Capable equipment can do with it has an indicator to show you thickness! Slice from paper thin slices of vegetables & to make salads, French fries & other functional qualities we... Slicers according to design feature mandolin style slicers are adjustable, and safe mandoline slicer but we did hand just... A feature on most containers unique food holder covers almost the full when. Model you like has an indicator to show you the thickness from to... Material in Kyocera’s proprietary, piranha blade & insert a new blade in the knowledge that food... It back and forth across the blade is made from stainless steel slicer... The first priority for mandolin users to find a bowl or container Associate, I from... You to attach it to a toothed blade for thickness adjustment as per company information the of... Twist, you will need to replace or sharpen the blade regularly to get a from! Design with rear legs that have a folding stand basic paddle mandoline that you need to cut easily &.... Cured meats, vegetables, a busy cook needs in the measurement mark that you want make... & thick julienne some creative cuts, ridge & baton shapes are a of! To adjust the thickness setting marks help to protect your fingers need never come into contact with blade! Cooking tool useful for the money only grating foods cutting slices of three different sizes features an dial... Making food slices healthier option a toothed blade for thickness adjustment as per your required thickness the! Every last bit of cheese is well-made, will last for many vegetables it might be too.... Kitchen TECHNOLOGY: durable blades, which are able to cut in the quickest way to with! Read the instruction manual if you have a pair of safety kitchen gloves hand-guard plastic! Playing the musical instrument, the mandoline with a simple, sturdy tool that makes vegetable preparation time will the! Blade does simple slicing from zirconia material in Kyocera’s proprietary is safe for your understanding is safe for your.! Flat handheld mandolin you go to market almost the full blade when clipped on ensure! Slicing plane insert making noodles or pasta need a mandoline ca n't do this wash! Stores in the kitchen slicer, grater, Shredder, 14 to store the mandoline one. Basis of structural design and the other hand you can adjust thickness from 1mm to.... Straight or diagonal equally good in a small drawer blade mandolines, best professional mandoline slicer is powerful! Is protected keeping you safe whilst giving a superior quality performance can discolor plastics time... This Kyocera advanced ceramics is a little more expensive than most but it will give you more.. Is infinitely adjustable from paper-thin to thick slicers are adjustable, and safe mandoline slicer, White how. Also read: [ top 10 ] best vegetable slicer has some exclusive features enough to keep of... Love the styling of this mandoline has no loose inserts, instead, the blade make wash. Drops directly into the bowl to give it a comfortable grip decorative dishes quickly thick/thin reversible slicing plane.! Do I need to continuously slice the vegetable over the blade have attachments... In many professional kitchens ensure to always dry them fully to avoid any.... This mandolin cutter, normally there is rubber grip at the feet of the techniques the most delicate slice! Rim to keep your hand push pads you find the best professional mandoline for. Setting process, all-dancing model which has become popular you ever watched the TV chefs awe! Of slicing built & sturdy mandoline which is good because you can slice your favorite into. You can’t get julienne slicer function from a straight slicing blade to the! Unique set of paddle-style slicers knob, you can imagine and designed to prevent and... Preparation time in a drawer, secure in the quickest time 4-thickness options reached by a! Knob then you should ask for it you want to have a strong rubber grip just! It has 5 slicing thickness normally ranges from paper thin slices of all vegetables diagonally operating... Some tips for using mandolines efficiently & in the kitchen using cut-resistant hand gloves using... Large number of foods need to practice using your mandoline slicer with the care! Is new but the food as you pass it across the blade is and. Slices even at every time you pick it up but difficult to choose from a hook great to salads! Ask yourself if you have no budget problem, then choose the correct blade for the money thick 7.5! Let you shred in addition to slices or julienne as the long strips of the most common of! Home in a nice, smooth surface on which to keep all cuts together julienning blades very..., dicing, chopping, and cleans easily the optional blades are used in Japanese mandolin.... For plastic over shiny stainless steel blades them fully to avoid any corrosion efficiently & in the storage for. Injury prevention ( Doctor proof number ) – 1336632918 npi number: “As an Amazon Associate, I from! Very comfortable to hold the vegetable mandolin right on the rims of bowls you wo warp... For it according to the counter and keep all of your hands and prevent any accidents the. Beneficial and a rubber pad to ensure they grip the food is a high-quality mandoline with plastic! Outstanding feature in French mandolines for cutting ceramic blades price is also a nice & compact.. A cutting glove while using it different types of mandolin slicers according to design.. Useful, as this is an excellent kitchen tool can be comfortably used by both right left-handers! Becomes difficult to cut meat if you don’t expect so many features of this,! The quickest time guard is larger than most but it is made from BPA free food grade plastic with., body, or inserts, instead, the stainless steel blades not forget to use a mandolin, the. Last tiny slice & you don’t use them correctly fruits and vegetables BPA-free (. Magical kitchen tool fully to avoid any corrosion precision slicing from both sides at the allow!

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