The blooms are even more crazy looking, with very long antennae This is a mericlone of one of the best Psychopsis ever produced. Its mottled leaves has more green than burgundy markings. The mottled foliage on these orchids make them a show-stopper even when not in bloom!The have large singular flowers that bloom atop a tall inflorescence. I posted about my Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' forming a bud back in early December. Psychopsis papilio should dry between watering, but should not be dry for a longer period. Mendenhall is one of few members of the genus Pyschopsis , which includes just four species and their hybrids. An overview of key information pertaining to the bloom on No.11 in my orchid collection, my Psychopsis Mendenhall Hildos. Picture 2 shows examples of the plants on offer and are representative of the size of the plant that you will receive. Usually blooms in late winter or early spring. These are about 2 years from blooming. From the otherworldly insect like bloom with gorgeous coloring and extreemly long bloom spike, to the mottled and spotted just stunning foliage and pseudo bulbs, this orchid is a pleaser in bloom or out. Search for: Search. 4″ potted orchid, Psychopsis ‘Mendenhall Hildos’. Are you sure its not P. Mendenhall? Add to cart Whoa! Psychopsis. Previous Psychopsis papilio v. aurea Next Cattleya walkeriana semi-alba 'Carmela' Psychopsis papilio v. alba. Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS is a delight to see and behold. Like the other review the plant arrived small, healthy and it’s soo cute. Tropic Lily 'Hilo Space Ship' 35.00. Mottled, rare, and BEAUTIFUL! RFO Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' This listing is for ONE mature flowering orchid plant growing in a 100mm pot. The face mask is machine washable. The Butterfly Orchid, Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS is an exceptional plant - all around. Oncidium Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ was delivered fast and soo small. Psychopsis Mendenhall Hildos Orchids available at Eikenhoff Nursery in Stanford, Hermanus, South Africa ... Oncidium Mendenhall 'Hildos' R 650,00. Keep the plant in shade and in a well drain mix or mounted. Oncidium ampliatum. Psychopsis are in the Oncidium Alliance so their care is basicly Oncidium care with a few peculiarities: Flowers are about 2 inches wide and about 5 inches tall. Last two photos show what's left of the healthy roots after removing all the dead ones. ... Mendenhall 'Hildos' (4 awards from 2002 to 2018) Pyp. Psychopsis Mendenhall is a primary Psychopsis hybrid that blooms in the winter through summer. Vickie Seibert commented on member plant Phal.Ember 'Carmela' by Vickie Seibert John Small commented on member plant B. nodosa ''H&R' 4N x 'Mas Mejor'' by John Small; Robert H. Findlay commented on topic "Parentage of RLC Memoria Emma Chen" by Dean Haas; Sandi Block-Brezner commented on member plant Bsn.Maikai var. Psychopsis Butterfly x Psychopsis papilio. ( Psychopsis Butterfly × Psychopsis papilio ) Pyp. Mon - Sat: 12:00PM to 4:30PM Sun: Closed PHONE: 630.543.6855 FAX: 630.543.9842 from 20.00. CH-20294 Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS - 2.5 inch pot. Help! Customers who viewed this item also viewed. *Note - All care is taken to package your plant with the utmost care & it will be left in the pot. I got this plant last spring and it awarded me for rescuing it from a bad situation with a flower that opened a couple days ago. 2,096 sales 2,096 sales | 5 out of 5 stars. I got my first because I loved the name (and the leaves had pink spots!) Picture Information. Mendenhall 'Rogan's Gold' (2 awards from 2013 to 2018) Pyp. Shop… Orchids. Psychopsis Mendenhall Hildos Orchid Face Mask by Susan Savad. Psychopsis, abbreviated Psychp. $12.99 + shipping . It was formerly included in the massively paraphyletic "wastebin genus" Oncidium.Orchids in this genus are commonly called butterfly orchids, but some species of other orchid genera are also called thus. Psychopsis Mendenhall is a hybrid between Psychopsis Butterfly and papilio. We have a bunch of seedlings of the 'Hildos' FCC/AOS cultivar, awarded in 2004. Orchid Help. Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' orchids are large yellow and red on a tall multi-floral spike. Psychopsis Mendenhall Hildos Orchid Towel (Beach Towel (32" x 64")) by Susan Savad.