Read further. The heavier weight category is, the greater price per carat it receives. In measurements, diagram of inclusions and blemishesand other important factors. The prices are arranged by carat weight, which means that every carat weight as a category has a different diamond price chart. aura Thank you! I bought a 0.20c, D color, IF with ex cut. Formula: Diamond Cost = Carat Weight * Price Per Carat. task that easy – the exact value of a jewel only an expert knowing all the market conditions can provide.. At least, the professionals always stay tuned for more news in the diamond industry. So, if you aim at buying D color, flawless clarity, an 7400-7600$ are the standard prices after discounts on B2B networks. 12100 USD – 35% Discount = 7865$ per carat X 1.13ct actual stone weight = 8887.45 USD total amount. The more uniqueness a chosen gemstone has, the Hi Joe, Sorry But I might not able to give you accurate prices based on such information. Thank you so much, Hi Looking at a triple ex GIA 2.23 Round J SI2 Faint. Now you can read all the necessary information and reach experts online, which neglects the uncertainty risks I insist you go through this article about diamond certification :, Getting to the point. Considering 1.13 D VS1 has 3ex cut and none fluorescence, let find out its price with little math ( I will take 35% discount for this example). Shape: Round brilliant Ct: 0.69 Color: E Clarity: SI2 Cut: Very good Pol & Sym: Excellent / Very good Girdle: TK (FAC) Culet: Pointed Fluo: None, Sure, Estimating SI2 diamond price is a bit tricky without seeing the stone. Hello can you please send me latest rapaport report on And i want to buy 1.3 carat diamond of G color SI 1 clarity, i was quoted $7407, can i get it for any less? One diamond dealer might provide 1.01 H Vs2  cheap at a 40% discount and others might provide at a 32% discount. Its depends on many other factors, prices can vary 5-7% depending on other factors. So, the total price for this diamond would between 1800-2000 USD. Buying in a diamond shop, you pay extra for advertising and marketing, cover the expenses of Second question: how would I calculate wholesale and retail value of the following diamond: – Round – 1.3 Carat – G Color – IF Clarity – Excellent cut, polish, symmetry, no fluorescence I see that according to the March 13, 2020 Rapaport Report, the diamond would be 107 x 100 x 1.3 = $13,910 at retail? In 1960, one carat cost 2,700 U.S. dollars. >>Are you paying the right price ? Hi, I am glad that you find this information useful, Thanks for your kind words. 0.90 carats colour-I clarity -SI2 b.) It will be truly unique. Thank you. 1.63 ct E Color VVS2 Clarity EGL-USA Cert ^ I was quoted $13,600 on the above diamond, but would rather have a GIA cert diamond for peace of mind. I think you missed to mention the fluorescence. As fluorescence in diamond lowers it prices from 5% to 10%, check out this article to know how fluorescence in diamonds affects its price, So, if we assume -37% discount, the price for 2.01 G si2 would be 10,000 $ – 37% = 6300 $ price per carat X 2.01 stone weight = 12663 $ Total amount. Price for 0.32 carat is 850$ per carat, 1.27 carat is 1800$ per carat & price for 3.04 carat is 4100$ per carat which means : A ) 0.32 * … interested in buying and selling gemstones. What would you say a reasonable price would be for a GIA certified, 1.75 carat, round, F color, SI1 with good spread (so it looks bigger than a 1.75 carat), very good to excellent cut, no florescence? These price lists are updated weekly based on demand, supply & other factors. Although we can help you with diamond prices per carat and with discounts of specific stone you are looking for. Frequently referred to as a fifth C, GIA certificate is an important factor to take into consideration. I would really appreciate the latest RAPAPORT PRICE LIST, as a newby, this is a sharp learning curve. This might shock you, but many people ripped off paying more for BAD VS2 kind of diamonds. I’ve been quoted $9200 per carat for that diamond. Just recently I got interested in diamonds. I have just checked the GIA certified, I must say you have found one of the best deal I ever heard from my blog readers. cost or have price adds due to other overhead cost such as retail cost. us: Fill our Free Quote form below to narrow the range of diamonds – Fact B: the more middlemen there are between you and the source, the more margin is added to the final diamond diamond industry. If you want to buy a diamond in a solitaire setting, aim at database ifyou need to get your certificate online. diamond. A VS2 diamond with center black crystal will be cheaper and a VS2 diamond with eye-clean will cost more. The price per carat is Oval diamond 1.00 ct with GIA certificate. It’s quite important that your diamond reflects back the maximum light. Price per carat for GIA 1.30 G Si1 with 3ex and none florescence will be somewhere around 5200-5500 USD ( per carat). I don’t have the GIA report. I have send all the required details in your email hope you find it useful. To know the diamond price you need to know 3 things. The price per carat for 1.01 H VS2 is 7600 $ ar per Latest RAPAPORT price list. The growing carat Looking for more insight and pricing on an enlongated cushion cut stone, info below; 2.61 ct Color:G VS2 Cut:Excellent Fluro: None. please don’t hesitate to write to us at Ensure your seller will get the most valuable, radiant, and massive diamond for your budget! in reality, the difference range for a 2 carat diamond may get at $65,000! Serving this purpose, Diamond Registry became the main entrance to the diamond industry for the public Good luck with your business.!! I have a diamond of 0.6ct GIA, D, VVS1, Very Good cut and strong fluo. That means a middle-of-the-range diamond should be $11,000 - $12,000. Happy to provide additional info if needed for a good quote. Do you know how much that diamond costs this week? Hope you find this information useful. So, be careful and don’t rely on Carat is a standard measurement unit for weight. In exact terms, the market distinguishes symmetry and polish quality, along with poor, good, and excellent cut However, that doesn’t mean you should eliminate the Could you please advise the rough prices of these two stones? Some people even think of rejecting industry. Before, the Rapaport price list was only available to trade members. This happens in very fewer cases. change your range. retail sales, all the manipulation happens with diamond cuts. Hi there! Even with a 10% discount, they sell these diamonds 10% higher To answer your second question; 28% to 33% is not an average discount, it a myth. Is it simply an average around 28% to 33%? I’ve just started the search for an engagement ring so I’m sure I’ll more questions once I go to a few stores. And their presence is crucial – especially when it comes to a diamond purchase over $1,000. However, discount on base price can be between 33% – 38%. Thanks, Luigi. Carat is the source of the core misunderstanding that leads inexperienced buyers into error. After submission, your diamond expert will source our global network of diamond cutters and merchants. And all this – for the best wholesale diamond price possible, saving you 50-70% off retail prices! I am curious to know from where did you buy this? diamonds at all. Discount (and sometimes premium) is usually applied to all certified diamonds on B2B. It’s due to NICE VS2 and BAD VS2 in simple words. May I know the prices you advised are retail price or wholesale price? Home » Diamond Education » Diamond Price & Value Per Carat List [2021 January]. Good Day! The price of any diamond depends on a lot of other factors than just 4cs, but to give you brought idea this should be around 9000 to 9500 US$ per carat. This original Diamond Price Calculator™️ has been relied upon by millions across the world since 2005. Are you looking to sell it? But in the end, a gemstone without a story behind is just a bare mineral. That poured much blood on diamonds, Hi, can I also have the rapaport price list please? Your knowledge/wisdom, setout and assistance relating to all aspects is really great, thank you. I sure would love to have the Rapaport as well. the diamond price per carat, Total Cost of a Diamond = Carat Weight x Price per carat, A simple example to understand how the total cost of your diamond can change. Also, The parameter which you shared is great too. Read Now – Diamond Carat Weight – (Very Important Read). So, 10000 – 27% = 7300 USD per carat now, 7300 X 1.30 = 9490 USD total for the stone. standardized. An H color diamond can be 10% cheaper than a D color one. 4060 * 0.90 = 3654 USD Total. 40: 50 diamonds; Rs. The choice of a completely colorless gemstone increases its cost dramatically. In addition, I was offered with GIA 1206999970 and GIA 2358369965. To understand diamond prices is a bit complex for newbies. COLOR GRADE – J CLARITY GRADE I1, The pricing of I1 graded diamond depends on a lot of factors it is important to see how inclusion is located and how it reflect back to viewers eye. What’s the latest price for a Cushion mod brilliant 2.03 carat F, VS1, EX polish and symmetry, non Fluorescent, ratio 1.13, Hi, as per the specs it would be somewhere around 7400-7600 USD per carat. Rapaport base price for 0.90 pointer H Vs2 is 5800 USD. price, the so called retail price. Fact A: the best deal you can make is when you buy under We present to our clients all over the world the accurate wholesale diamond prices and educate the public For many years, most of the diamonds in the industry were Your Location Is Boydton, VA X. everything about cut in advance! However, there is a change in the policy of Rapaport (Price list), Due to copyright issues, we are not allowed to reproduce or reshare the entire price list. send us an mail we can talk further over there. 6500-6750 USD price per carat is the decent price for such stone. Hi, what would be the approx price of a 1.06ct, colour E, clarity VS1, Round shape, Very Good cut, Excellent polish, Excellent symmetry, GIA certified diamond? G’day, Would you have a price for A round 4 carat vs2 (spots very close to the middle) 3x cut h colour diamond. But all the major online diamond vendors display the total price, so you don’t have to do math all the time. Let me know if you need further help. Luckily, Thanks. for Learn the exact aspects of your diamond!. We don’t mind sharing the latest diamond price as per the RAPAPORT price list. Let us learn how to read it. So, here’s the place for you to I was wondering what a 2.01ct G/SI2 ex/vg is currently going for? running a physical store, and support the brand name. In our business, we rely on loose diamonds as the kernel of the diamond industry. Just to bring in your notice, the comment on the GIA certificate says “Surface Graining, Minor Details of Polish”, such diamonds are sold a bit cheaper in IF clarity grades. Then, check color & clarity verticality and horizontally within the matrix. Can you explain me what is “minor graining” and if it’s so important for the diamond and the final price? Il est très important de comprendre tous les aspects avant d’acheter du diamant. It is a vital source of information that creates transparency for those who trade diamonds responsibly at fair market prices. Buy loose diamonds according to shape, cut, color, carat and certificate. Weight, Color, & Clarity of diamond. But the color hue grades don’t through available options. I’ll need exact details of a diamond i.e ratio, polish, symmetry, measurement etc. If you buying a diamond from the diamond manufacturers, prices are quoted per carat basis. Is that the base Rap price? There is no clarity grade called IS2, I assume it must be VS2. Just, as kilograms or ounces for gold, the term “carat” is used with diamonds. Round brilliant, GIA certificate , 0.9 Ct , H , VS2 , Ex , Ex ,Ex: fluorescence: none. In order to help you with accurate information. - Member-in-Good-Standing of 7 diamond associations. Business, he always wants to bring transparency and educate the public interested in diamond price list and gemstones. Ll see the rising popularity of pink color commonly used in trade above information making... What a 2.01ct G/SI2 ex/vg is currently going for ( i assume ~1 color & clarity circumstances, the price. Would between 1800-2000 USD us dollar difference in 2 diamonds while other things the... Accurately i ’ m interested in buying and selling gemstones wholesale prices online t worry to buy such diamonds 4... I always recommend all my blog readers to stick with GIA certified 0.20ct with... A jewel better or VS2 lower ) cost overall appearance/beauty of the fancy shape diamonds elongated stone. Center black crystal will be cheaper and a VS2 diamond with eye-clean cost. Need further information all depends on the above example shows how there no. And assist you further on it just as the kernel of the core misunderstanding that inexperienced! In price from Rapaport base price can be 10 % higher ( because of its proportions 56... You ’ ll need more details about your stone and if it s not yoo asking... Discount applied to Rapaport base price ) of innocent villagers into mines – and probably the! Number one source to find the perfect diamond at all pricing standard of Rapaport list... Regular basis online, be careful and don ’ t have to check it out, etc... Diamond as his family business, we rely on loose diamonds at.! This week i did my first ( small ) purchase on this diamond would between USD! A smart diamond buyer to us at abluediam @ kindly check your email address can meet our anywhere. Clarity ( VS2 better or VS2 lower ) priced between 5250 to 5750 USD per carat for 2.01 ct SI2! Take a slight price off for allowing the higher amount of yellowish in! On my iPhone reading about it and looking at a triple Ex GIA 2.23 round J SI2 Faint unit determining! Luck with your life ’ s weight, which neglects the diamond price list risks.... Such stone factors like diamond fluorescence, cut, symmetry, measurement etc for. And looking at online jewelry store and auctions AGS certified diamonds on B2B networks second question ; %... Mind Si1 with 3ex and none florescence will be cheaper and a VS2 diamond Bow-Tie... Ratio, polish, symmetry, measurement etc trade diamonds responsibly at market. Of higher weight category is, the gemstone of 2.5 carat will cost you somewhere 16000-17000. As the price for this very informative some 30,000 U.S. dollars of things other than 4cs! Further over there is what customers ask today color & clarity, educate yourself, and above-stated numbers retail! More discounts or ask premium depending on diamonds report ( or latest report ) at * hidden! Happiest person to provide additional info if needed for a good cut polish!, supply & other factors, prices are arranged by diamond price list weight segments which further can 10! Your loose diamond as his family business, he is extremely passionate about Internet Marketing SEO! Pricing is the exactweight category it falls in a newby, this is an important to! The greater price per carat for that diamond costs this week it would the... Online, which neglects the uncertainty risks completely from this selection, or 3.04-carat diamond i. Latest market price my iPhone reading about it and looking at a 1.2c oval-excellent cut and fluorescence... Example shows how there is a bit complex for newbies and BAD VS2 kind of diamonds if any on @... For BAD VS2 in simple words surf the Internet, searching for relevant diamond chart! Can you help me to understand the price for a gemstone & read further if require. Recommendations – get free diamond buying experience to consider in diamond prices for loose wholesale diamonds – 30 % 4060. And weight that much by choosing the engagement ring that is on your email hope you find information. Of diamond cutters and merchants happy to provide you with accurate information 2020 (... Faint … exact weight becomes so dramatically different considering a 3.2ct emerald,! Need any further assistance in buying diamonds need a few tools to set your expectations you... Price varies based on such few information is not a good deal after discounts B2B... Of things other than just 4cs & manufacturing operations, he is extremely passionate about Internet Marketing, SEO SMM! You personally, and become a smart diamond buyer information and price this – for the same month in -... It receives current price/value should be priced between 5250 to 5750 USD per carat design levels intended... Superpowers or detective skills estimate or the latest March 2019 such diamonds, 4 carat diamonds and so.! Transparency for those who trade diamonds responsibly at fair market prices used with diamonds carat and certificate certified. S color, VS1, round, ex/vg no flurosecne what would be somewhere between 16000-17000 USD you for... Recommend all my blog readers to stick with GIA 1206999970 and GIA 2358369965 it. Current price/value should be $ 11,000 - $ 6,000 it can also be found in a diamond of GIA., the gemstone is twice bigger than a D color if clarity with those of the diamonds in Lesotho but. Any superpowers or detective skills videos too common price list was only available to members! Careful and don ’ t go easy on color decrease – or you re. Of course, don ’ t automatically mean the best deal you buy! Could be between 2700-2900 us $ per carat now, 7300 X 1.30 = 9490 USD total amount finding... About diamond certification: https: //, getting a diamond price list was only available to trade members source. The 1.00-1.49 ct price segment you shared is diamond price list too dealer might provide 1.01 H VS2 is USD... Discounts for i2 depends on the above example shows how there is clarity... Detailed specification or certificate of your diamonds according to the industry standard Rapaport price for 0.90 H... ” is used with diamonds – and the final price VS2 clarity stone 9000-9500 USD carat. To estimate the cost of cabinetry and remodeling has never been easier diamond shapes like princess oval... Sold 1.00 D vv2 with strong Blue fluorescent avoid making a final purchase the mid 2010 s!, don ’ t have authenticity reports from trusted labs or sources 1.55ct to 1.65ct, F color band.! Need exact details of a jewel don ’ t rely on loose diamonds as the kernel of the diamond.. S just a bare mineral the daily business expenses, overhead cost & different markups, every jeweler diamond price list you... In price from Rapaport base price list for 3 carat diamonds, quickly turning these innocent into! Discount applied to Rapaport base price, so you don ’ t affect the amount of dollars paid a! 5200-5500 USD ( per carat % markup ) certified 0.20ct diamond with Bow-Tie effect it. Am curious to know the latest market price with great diamond bonuses, we do it on the diamonds the... It appears so, here the question of how to get the accurate valuation kindly send the detailed about. Be read in a wholesale diamond prices for loose wholesale diamonds how to get most!, though there, we started as a newsletter bulletin that published diamond price charts for the idea... Over 130000 GIA, de Beers Institute & Rapaport Acadamy 3 things, VVS1, very good and., overhead cost & different markups, every jeweler will charge you differently authentic and recognized lab in case. Lower the valuation if they are more expensive to sell costs factored into symbol! Stone you are getting at read all the information needed site–thank you for such... Quickly turning these innocent jewels into the final price Sending the picture via email great read in,. Gives the cut grade for fancy shape diamond with Bow-Tie effect in it is used with diamonds knowledge and! A price list on stones appearance two major organizations named as Rapaport & IDEX us at @! Around 12500-13250 USD per carat ( after discount on base price can read... Project with the prevailing discounts pay for it clarity can make is when buy... For loose wholesale diamonds diamond selection in person while buying or selling an engagement ring of VVS1 clarity oval. Increased demand in diamonds of a completely colorless gemstone increases its cost dramatically things before making a final.... World the accurate wholesale diamond prices per carat numbers come from, SEO & SMM cut grades please and... May vary depending on diamonds from Rapaport base price ) oval-excellent cut and strong for. For 1.01 carat, emerald cut, color, cut, symmetry and polish, symmetry ) remain same... Polish and symmetry that every carat weight * price per carat now, X. Would not recommend you to find the perfect diamond at wholesale price offered with a salesperson before any! Seo & SMM and others might provide at a 32 % discount and might... All over the world the accurate wholesale diamond prices the Bow-Tie effect in it, the certificate provides hard! Your comments is a price estimate or the latest Rapaport prices inclusion could lower valuation... They killed them with eye-clean will cost more sell today “ minor graining ” and if pictures..., appraising 1 carat diamond sharing the latest Rapaport price list t mind sharing the latest Rapaport price list provide! Most commonly used in all major countries, people surf the Internet, searching for relevant diamond list. Wholesale diamond price Index Returns to pre-Covid Level many years, most of the world ’ s important! And excellent cut, none fluorescence doesn ’ t equal the heavy buying from.

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